• Tarsacci MTD 8000 is the deepest metal detector in mid to highly mineralized soil and black sand.
  • The perfect multi purpose machine for beach and shallow water, relic, coin and gold hunting.
  • Four selectable frequencies.
  • Ultra lightweight and durable full carbon fiber rod construction.
  • Made in the USA.


Salinity Balance

At the heart of MDT is the unique Salinity Balance feature that enables detecting targets in noisy environments like wet sand beaches, mineralized ground, and hot rocks.

Fast Ground Balancing

Ground Balance in less than 3 seconds; just press, hold, lift, and release and your on your way with a ground balanced MDT 8000.

Lightweight & Durable

MDT 8000’s premium build quality uses a strong carbon fiber body for a uniquely lightweight and durable design minimizing arm fatigue and maximizing product life.


Fear no beach with MDT 8000’s water proof meeting IP68 rating - Up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Accurate Target ID

Accurate target ID in the MDT 8000 means that you will be able to work rough ground in tough conditions.

Unique Target Audio

Easily and reliably locate targets with unique target audio profiles based on three modes of operation: All-Metal(AM), Discrimination(Disc), and Mixed Mode(Mix).

Black Sand Mode

Turn this feature on to improve performance in specific mineralized grounds like black sand beaches. You may also find the black sand mode beneficial in other conditions.

Selectable Frequencies

With four selectable single frequencies: 6.4kHz, 9kHz, 12kHz, and 18kHz, you can choose the frequency for your needs.

Made In The USA

Tarsacci is founded, built and based in the USA. Our products are Made in the USA. Any service we provide is coming straight from the United States of America.


Technology Mixed Domain (Patent Pending)
Operating Frequency 6.4kHz / 9kHz / 12kHz / 18kHz
Ground Balance Manual / Fast Auto
Tracking Yes
Black Sand Mode Yes
Salt Mode Yes
Salinity Balance Manual
Salinity Level 0 to 50
Target Identification Ferrous -30 to 0 / Non-ferrous 1 to 30
Sensitivity 1 to 9
Threshold Level -9 to 0
Target Volume 1 to 15
Target Tones 4
Tone Break Ferrous and Non-ferrous with adjustable notch filter
Audio Modes All Metal / Discrimination / Mix
Audio Output Speaker / Headphones
Display 128 x 64 Graphic LCD
LCD Backlight Yes (Permanently ON)
Battery 26650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3.7V @ 5000mAh)
Battery Life Up to 18hrs@6.4kHz / 24hrs@9kHz / 30hrs@12kHz / 36hrs@18kHz
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C (+14F to +122F)
Search Coil Tarsacci MDT 11X9 DD
Shaft Telescopic 3K carbon fiber with molded 3K carbon fiber "S" rod and armrest
Length 965cm to 1346cm (38" to 53")
Weight 1280g (2.82lb) including the battery


Everything you need right in front of you! The MDT 8000’s easy to use user interface does not hide any settings; anything can be changed with a touch of a few buttons for a seamless configuration experience on the go.


  1. MDT 8000
  2. Stereo Headphones
  3. MDT 8000 Headphone Adapter (1/8th inch stereo)
  4. Tarsacci Backpack
  5. Two Batteries with Dual Battery Charger
  6. Coil Cover


Got a question? We probably already have an answer. If you don't see your answer below please contact us.

Can I tell what the target is before digging it up?

Yes. With the Tarsacci MDT 8000, you will be able to ID the target. This will give you an indicator of whether it is ferrous (negative numbers) or non-ferrous (positive numbers) and the target’s conductivity (ID numbers).

Is the detector waterproof?

Yes. The MDT 8000 is IP68 rated. This means you can submerge the detector in the water up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.

Do I gain/lose depth based on the Mode I am using?

No. All modes are equal, there is no gain/loss in depth performance based off of the mode you are using; however, if you are in the All Metal mode, this allows you to run the sensitivity a little higher due to better audio feedback.

What is the warranty?

The warranty for the MDT 8000 is 18 months. For more information visit https://tarsacci.com/warranty-policy/

Do I lose depth by using Salinity Balance

No. Salinity Balance does not negatively affect detectable depth.

Do I lose depth using Black Sand Mode?

No. You do not lose detectable depth while using Black Sand Mode.

How much does the MDT 8000 weigh?

The detector weighs just a little under 3 pounds(1.63Kg), including the battery.


  • The MDT 8000 is the deepest metal detector in mid to highly mineralized soil and black sand!
  • The Tarsacci MDT 8000 has PROVEN Pulse Induction performance at 3-Times LESS cost, over the World’s top-end Pulse Induction unit!
  • "UNCANNY" ability to operate PERFECTLY around BIG oxidized/decomposing iron, thanks to the Salinity Balance ability to see through coke and natural graphite ect.
  • Tarsacci's MDT 8000 patented Salinity Balance enables you with "see through technology" to unmask targets BEHIND coke (hot rocks) and heavily mineralized, alkaline, salt & fertilized soil where MOST other machines fail!
  • The PERFECT multi purpose machine for beach and shallow water, relic, coin and gold hunting!
  • A 4 Frequency machine: 6.4 KHz, 9 KHz, 12 KHz, and 18 KHz
  • The BEST, fully adjustable carbon fiber rod on the market! You will NOT need to upgrade to a aftermarket one!
  • Uses standard off the shelf Lithium Ion batteries that can be replaced at any time! (Includes 2 batteries and charger).
  • Made in the USA!


What's crazy on the Tarsacci is, when you introduce a piece of non ferrous to ferrous the machine can tell the non ferrous is there. This is, with no adjustable tone breaks. It's uncanny ... it's doing real composition analysis. Aside from the world class build quality, the machine can first and foremost punch BAD dirt!

- Keith Southern, GA, USA

I have used the Tarsacci in demanding and difficult conditions it has given me some amazing finds both in black iron sand and highly mineralised dirt ... and in some ground that had already been pounded by other brand detectors.

- Teresa (Coilpower), New Zealand

I got out yesterday and hunted behind a couple of guys ... silver chain 30grs, small silver necklace with some sort of crystal, Ray Ban sun glasses, couple of junk rings ... and a 3.7 gram white gold band. One of my buddies who was hunting in front of me couldnt believe I found all those behind him and his Xcal.

- Dewcon4414, FL, USA

Last year was my best of the last 3 and I really do attribute that to the MDT being so much deeper than the rest of the "current" beach machines.

- Cliff (cdv), FL, USA

We find pistol and musket balls, definitely Tarsacci has a stronger Audio ID with deeper targets in poor soil. Most hunters using an Equniox would have passed that deep targets sounding like iron.

- Paul, CA, USA

I dug 12 minie balls and compared the Equinox on all 12. I would have only dug 2 of em with the Nox.

- Daniel, TN, USA

My test results in the wet sand were very impressive. The Tarsacci got inches more depth in the wet sand than the Equinox.

- Badger, NH, USA